Why ITX Managed Webroot & Barracuda Services?

Here at ITXpress we believe that data security should be paramount to any IT service we provide. For this reason we have taken steps to become expert providers of the Webroot & Barracuda product range that we regard as being the best on the market. With our ITX managed Webroot & Barracuda products you will receive:

  1. Threat monitoring - with real time threat detection alerts that we respond to immediately.
  2. Routine scans - insuring that the entire network is checked for threats on a regular basis.
  3. Scheduled updates - maintaining an up to date database of current threats that could potentially cause harm.
  4. Spam management - proactive and reactive changes to your spam settings to reduce false positives and maximise spam detection.
  5. Blacklist and whitelist management - keeping an up to date record of your customer addresses and emails from pesky marketing companies.
  6. Content filtering management - helping you maximise productivity by blocking access to websites that can cause distraction within the workforce.
Webroot & Barracuda Product Summary
Webroot Endpoint Protection
AntiVirus protection will detect, block and remove viruses and malware from your desktop. ITXpress manage this service remotely by monitoring your devices for ongoing threats and pushing out updates. We also provide routine scans to ensure a safe user environment and peace of mind.
Barracuda Content Filtering 
Content Filtering allows you to filter malicious or harmful websites to ensure employees stay safe online. It can also be used to block access to websites such as Facebook for specific periods of the day or completely to improve workforce productivity.
Barracuda Anti-Spam
AntiSpam allows you to block malicious and unwanted emails that could wreak havoc for your company by putting in place a filter that detects and stops emails that could pose a threat. This can be edited remotely to provide the optimal level of leniency as appropriate for each user. A quarantine email is sent to each user every day providing a summary of which emails have been blocked.